Welcome to the Horse Isle 2 Wikia

Everything from minigames to pictures of every horse breed in the game--we plan on becoming the largest, completely public Horse Isle 2 wiki available. Our goal is to provide as much accurate information to the public as possible.

Our purpose

We want everyone to have a fair chance when it comes to availability and ease of Horse Isle 2 information. We plan to offer player-created guides as well as providing a list of all of the Help Topics from the game.

Our statement

We are determined to build our wiki entirely by discovery and hard work. This means that we promise we will never steal from other wikis. Everything we add to our wiki will be information we gathered from the game ourselves.

Who we are

We are a team of 3 sisters; GreenGoblin, FutileFantasy, and GlowCat. GlowCat has been an active player of Horse Isle 2 for almost 5 years while GreenGoblin and FutileFantasy have just started playing. The many questions from the 2 newbies sisters combined with the lack of a public and updated wiki gave GlowCat the idea. Because FutileFantasy has a little experience in using and updating wikis, she agreed to take on the task of getting it all started.

Latest activity

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